Colour meanings by country


Red: Death, bloodshed
Yellow: High rank
Gold: Continuous life
Brown: Earth
Green: Fertility
White: Victory, purity
Black: Age, maturity, masculinity

Australia, New Zealand, Philippines

Red: Sun
Orange: Animals
Yellow: Resurrection, rebirth
Gold: Continuous life
Tan: Earth
Brown: Earth
Green: Craftsmanship
Blue: Water
White: Death, mourning
Black: N/A


Red: Visibility, vibrancy, masculine
Orange: Environment
Yellow: Envy, jealousy
Brown: Nature
Green: Envy, environment
Purple: Mourning
Black: Sophistication, authority, mourning, religion, formality, fear, anger, grief

China, Honk Kong, Taiwan

Red: Communism, celebration, government, joy, fertility, good fortune, love, happiness, lucky, bride’s colour
Orange: Love, happiness, humility, good health, immortality
Yellow: Masculinity, happiness, pure, pleasant, happy, good taste, progressive, authority, royal and trustworthy
Gold: Preciousness, prestige, wealth, status, decoration
Green: Pure, reliable, sincere, trustworthy
Blue: Sky, water, high quality, trustworthy, good taste
Purple: Expensive, love
White: Death, mourning, pure, neutral, west, autumn
Black: Water, life, stability, the unknown, powerful, expensive, high quality


Red: N/A
Yellow: Soul, sun, happiness, prosperity
Gold: Wealth
Green: Fertility, vegetation
Blue: Truth, justice, reproduction, virtue, faith


Red: Blood, passionate love, lust, virile, masculine
Orange: Earth
Yellow: Summer, joy, infidelity
Gold: Decoration, light, luxury
Green: Outdoors
Blue: Water, reliability, trust
Black: Grief, sorrow, ceremonial dress for justices and priests, dress of subservience for servants and waiters

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Red: Fear, anger, jealousy, unlucky
Yellow: Cowardice, persecution, sunshine, envy, jealousy
Gold: Money, wealth
Brown: Earth
Green: Earth
Blue: Ocean
Purple: Expensive, love
White: Nature
Silver: Sophistication
Black: Fear, anger, jealousy, grief, sorrow, ceremonial dress for justices and priests, dress of subservience for servants and waiters


Red: Birth, fertility, ambition, desire
Yellow: Sun, commerce
Orange: Death, rebellion
Green: Nature
Blue: Heavens, love, truth, mercy
Pink: Happiness, hope
White: Creation, rebirth, light, serenity, reincarnation
Black: Laziness, anger, intolerance, dullness, stupidity


Red: Light, fidelity
Gold: Wealth, luxury, divinity, greed, jewelry
Brown: Earth, penitence, humility
Blue: Mourning, judgmental, heaven, purity
Purple: Nobility, endurance of suffering, martyrdom
White: Virtue, purity
Silver: Wealth, luxury, craftsmanship
Black: Humility, death, mourning, grief, sorrow, ceremonial dress for justices and priests, dress of subservience for servants and waiters


Red: Blood, passion, self-sacrifice, strength, love, anger, jealousy
Orange: Love, happiness
Yellow: Envy, good taste (but disliked when used in websites)
Gold: Decoration, wealth, prestige
Brown: Earth, strength, durability
Green: Love, happiness good taste, adventure
Blue: High quality, trustworthy, good taste
Purple: Royalty, sin, fear, expensive
Pink: Femininity, youth, good health, expensive, sin, fear
White: Death, mourning
Silver: Masculinity, high-tech, strength, precision
Black: Non-being, night, unknown, mystery, anger, powerful, expensive, fear


Red: Sunny, religion, compass, vibrancy, intensity, death, masculine
Yellow: Sun, envy, jealousy
Gold: Wealth, church adornments
Green: Envy
Blue: Mourning, trust, tranquility
Purple: Anger, envy
White: Pure, clean, peasant
Black: Mourning, religion, respect, death, fear, anger, grief, jealousy

Middle East, Israel

Red: Love, sacrifice, sin, blood, anger, hatred, strength
Yellow: Saintly
Gold: Decoration
Blue: The Lord, glory
Purple: Sea, divinity
White: Nature, mercy, peace, purity joy, wisdom

Russia (and Commonwealth of Independent States)

Red: Communism, revolution, beauty
Yellow: Envy, jealousy
Gold: Aristocracy
Blue: Hope, purity, peace, serenity
Silver: Religion
Black: Fear, anger, jealousy

Scandinavia - Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland

Red: Strength, positive (Norway)
Orange: Heart, warmth
Yellow: Heart, warmth
Green: Sterility
Blue: Water, clean, poor, cold & masculine (Norway)
White: Evil repellant, peace, nature

Spain, Portugal

Orange: Blood, aggression
Yellow: Treason
Green: Racy, sexy, cheap, agriculture

Grey: Strength
Black: Power, death, piety, grief, sorrow, ceremonial dress for justices and priests, dress of subservience for servants and waiters

Western Europe

Red: Sexy, love, romance, vigor, optimism, strength, caution
Orange: Visibility, cheap, loud
Yellow: Visibility, hazard, quality
Gold: Mysticism, luxury, wealth, excessive
Brown: Masculinity, earth
Green: Nature, fertility, confidence, jealousy, inexperienced
Blue: Sky, fidelity, serenity, truth, reliability, responsibility, emotion
Purple: Nobility, luxury, power, vanity
Pink: Delicate, flirtation, femininity, sensitivity, soothing
White: Pure, clean, good, empty, bleak, neutral, antiseptic, surrender
Silver: Masculinity, technology, expensive, craftsmanship
Grey: Architecture, ambiguity, wisdom, experience
Black: Grief, sorrow, ceremonial dress for justices and priests, dress of subservience for servants and waiters


Red: Power, authority, masculine, love, lust, fear, anger
Orange: Protestant religion
Yellow: Happy, jealousy
Gold: Royalty
Brown: Earth, honesty, manual labor
Green: Environment, Catholicism, quality, envy, good taste
Blue: Tranquil, dignity, decorum, high quality, corporate, masculine
Purple: Royalty, power, authority
White: Leisure, sports, peace, purity, happiness
Grey: Sophistication, elegance, traditional, tasteful, strength
Black: Mourning, death, dignity, expensive, grief, fear, sorrow, ceremonial dress for justices and priests, dress of subservience for servants and waiters


Red: Excitement, warning, sex, passion, adultery, safety, rescue, hot, spicy, love
Orange: Visibility, refreshing, danger
Yellow: Caution, sunny, happiness, cowardice, warmth
Gold: Money, wealth luminosity
Brown: Dullness, boring, fertile, strength, unprocessed, poverty
Green: Masculinity, freshness, healthy, envy, jealousy, inexperience, good taste, adventure
Blue: Soothing, high quality, trustworthy, good taste
Purple: Nobility, bravery, law, excess, love
Pink: Femininity, childhood, fun, sweetness, homosexuality
White: Clean, pure, elegant, antiseptic
Silver: Sleek, classy, modern
Grey: Humility, grief, depression, strength, wisdom
Black: Death, evil, sin, nothingness, business, adult, formal, sexy, grief, sorrow, ceremonial dress for justices and priests, dress of subservience for servants and waiters, fear, anger, jealousy, powerful, expensive


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