Extraverts & Conscientious

Which websites attract the extraverted and conscientious?

Following from last week’s post, ‘Open people prefer liberal, artistic websites…’, today we’re going to look at 2 of the remaining 4 traits: conscientiousness and extraversion.


To recap, the trait of CONSCIENTIOUSNESS refers to whether you prefer a spontaneous or a more organised existence. If you score highly in conscientiousness you’re probably consistent and reliable, preferring to plan ahead and pursue long-term goals. If you’re a low scorer, you’re likely to be more creative, easy-going and less tied to rules and restraints.

Which websites attract CONSCIENTIOUS people?

According to research carried out by Kosinski, Kohli and Stillwell in the USA [1], people who score highly in CONSCIENTIOUSNESS tend to prefer well-organised, structured websites that typically fall into the following categories (among others):

  • Reference & Education
  • Shopping for Electronics
  • Shopping for Children
  • Reference & Dictionaries

So for example if you score highly in CONSCIENTIOUSNESS, chances are you’ll probably like these sites:


Which websites attract SPONTANEOUS people?

On the other hand, if you score very low in CONSCIENTIOUSNESS, you’re likely to frequent more spontaneous websites, the likes of which fall into the following classes:

  • Health & Mental Health
  • Arts & Music
  • Animation
  • Literature

Examples of such sites include:



Extraverts tend to be outgoing, friendly and socially active, seeking out the company of others and stimulation from the outside world. If you score highly in this trait you probably enjoy being the centre of attention, and are likely to be energetic and talkative. Introverts tend to be more reserved, preferring introspective and solitary pursuits.

Which websites attract EXTRAVERTS?

Kosinski et al. found that people who score highly in EXTRAVERSION tend to prefer outgoing and active websites that typically fall into the following categories:

  • Computers & Internet
  • Reference & Education
  • Science & Environment
  • Arts & Music

If you’re an EXTRAVERT, research shows that you’ll probably like these sites:


Which websites attract INTROVERTS?

Unlike their high-scoring counterparts, INTROVERTS tend to prefer websites that are more reserved and shy in nature, reflected in the following categories:

  • Arts & Movies
  • Shopping for Children
  • Arts & Literature
  • Arts & Comics

Examples of these kinds of sites include:


Make it work for you

As we saw last week, although the research above is US-specific it does show that our personality traits influence the kinds of websites we are likely to visit.

If you understand what kinds of people are attracted to particular websites (and if you know what kind of demographic you’re trying to appeal to), this knowledge can help you to engineer your own site so that it better engages and meets the needs of your target audience.

Use this in your business

If you’d like to find out more, check out Preference Tool – a personality-based platform (developed at Cambridge University) that enables businesses and marketers to dramatically improve their targeting.

And if you’d like try out their platform for yourself, you can email me directly for an introduction and a special trial discount.

Come back next week to discover the website preferences of the final two traits, AGREEABLENESS and NEUROTICISM.


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[1] Kosinski, M., Kohli P. and Stillwell D. (2012) Personality and Online Behavior. Web Science, 12, June, pp. 1-7.



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